ASD2024, April 14 - 17, Montreal, Canada

Invited Speakers

Annelies Delabie is principal member of the technical staff at imec (Belgium) and Professor in the Chemistry Department at KU Leuven, Belgium. Her research focusses on the fundamental aspects of thin film deposition for applications in nano-electronic devices.

Elton Graugnard is an Associate Professor at Boise State University. His group works to obtain atomic-scale insights into the chemical and physical processes involved in precursor nucleation, interface formation, and film deposition or etching.

Han-Bo-Ram Lee is a Professor of Materials Science Engineering at Incheon National University, Korea, where he is focused on understanding and controlling surface chemistry and reactions. He is also a food lover.

Junjie Zhao is an assistant professor in Chemical & Biological Engineering at Zhejiang University, China, where he is focused on tuning the selectivity of radical-involved polymer CVD and MLD processes.

Maarit Karppinen is an Aalto Distinguished Professor at Aalto University, Finland,  known  for her pioneering research on novel functional metal-organic materials fabricated through ALD/MLD.

Michael McSwiney is a Chemist Director in the Chemistry Center of Excellence at Applied Materials where he works on identification, sourcing, and development of new precursors for ALD/CVD and other deposition processes.

Canadian Showcase

Cathleen Crudden is the Scientific Director of the Carbon to Metal Coating Institute (C2MCI), and her recent work identifying a new class of carbon-based SMIs has been called "game changing" and "the new gold standard".

David Emslie is a Professor of Chemistry at McMaster University. His research involves new ALD precursor and method development on home-built thermal ALD reactors designed to maximize flexibility in deposition chemistry.

Kevin Musselman is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo. His group and spin-off company Nfinite Nanotechnology develop spatial-ALD technology for devices and functional coatings.

Maram Bakiro is a PhD candidate in the Barry Lab at Carleton University, specializing in Molecular Layer Deposition (MLD).  Her research focuses on developing advanced functional materials for ASD and sensing.

Shahana Chatterjee is the founder of the Toronto based start-up Make Materials.   Make Materials currently focuses on scaling up and commercializing CVD processes for the growth of electronic-grade 2D films.

Yang Zhao is an Assistant Professor at the University of Western Ontario. His group focuses on advanced materials and interfaces for energy storage and conversion, especially ALD/MLD for energy applications.

Panel: Impactful Publishing in ASD

Ali Stoddart has a background in polymer synthesis and medicinal chemistry and is the Chief Editor of Nature Synthesis. She has also launched Nature Reviews Materials and she has editorial experience with Nature Materials and Chemical Communications (RSC).

Dennis Hausmann is a Director at Lam Research with a background in chemical precursor design, and inorganic synthesis. His interests include Functionalized Area Selective ALD, Atomic Layer Etching, Silicon based dielectrics, industrialization of ALD and ALE processes.

Stacey F. Bent is the Jagdeep and Roshni Singh Professor at Stanford University. She studies surface chemistry and materials synthesis, with emphasis on ALD and applications in sustainable energy, semiconductor processing, and nanotechnology.

William Odette (Bill) is an associate editor within the physical sciences division of Wiley. He works on several journals: Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, and Advanced Materials Technologies, covering a wide range of materials science including ALD/CVD.

Tutorial and Perspective Leaders

Anjana Devi is the director of the Institute for Materials Chemistry (IMC) at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research in Dresden. She is an internationally recognised expert in precursor chemistry for thin film applications.

Ralf Tonner-Zech is a Professor for Theoretical Chemistry of Complex Matter at Leipzig University in Germany. One major focus of his group is to use computational chemistry to derive a microscopic understanding of area-selective ALD.

Tero Pilvi has a PhD in Chemistry from University of Helsinki. He is a Product Marketing Manager at Picosun (and Applied Materials company) with over fourteen years’ experience in the ALD industry and extensive knowledge of industrial ALD technology.